Seasonal Ingredients

The waters near the coast of Kishu are home to an abundance of fresh seafood that changes with each season. Certain highly valued ingredients can only be enjoyed for several months of each year due to set fishing seasons.

We prepare these seasonal ingredients when they are at their freshest so that you can enjoy the best that the Kishu Kuroshio waters have to offer.

Slipper Lobster

 (October to March)

Slipper lobster is caught in the same nets as Japanese spiny lobster, and is known for its rich flavor and tenderness. Catches are extremely limited, making it even more expensive than the spiny lobster. Enjoying our slipper lobster as ikizukuri sashimi along with dark brown miso soup made using the head.

Wild Longtooth Grouper

 (November to March)

Also known as the “phantom fish,” wild longtooth grouper is perfect for hot pot! This premium white-flesh fish is fatty while still having a refined flavor.

Moray Eel

(December to March)

Although sometimes referred to as “gangsters of the sea” in Japan, their white flesh has a refined taste. Enjoy deep-fried with the skin attached.

Hirome Seaweed (Hitohame)

(February to April)

This seaweed is the same genus and species as wakame, but it can only be harvested in the Kinan region. Its uniquely crunchy texture makes it great enjoyed shabu-shabu style with ponzu vinegar.

Wild Sea Bream

(March to May)
(September to November)

In Japan, sea bream caught in early spring is called “cherry blossom sea bream,” while that caught in fall is called “autumn foliage sea bream.” The fish features a light, refined fatty taste.

“Mochigatsuo” Skipjack Tuna

(March to June)

These fish are caught fresh during evenings in early spring when they begin swimming in. Pre-rigor “mochigatsuo” skipjack tuna has a delightfully springy chew.

This texture can only be enjoyed for a period of several hours following unloading, making it a truly one-of-a-kind culinary experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Chicken Grunt

(May to August)

Chicken grunt can be caught year-round, but chicken grunt with roe, commonly referred to as “straw chicken grunt,” is especially tasty and begins appearing in May.

Kishu chicken grunt is exceptionally fresh since ikijime spiking is performed on each fish just before it is unloaded.

Kishu Daggertooth Pike Conger

(June to August)

Kishu daggertooth pike conger tastes best following the end of the rainy season. Kishu Nanko plums provide the perfect accent to this eel!

Tokobushi Small Abalone(Nagareko)

(June to August)

Like abalone, the tokobushi fishing season opens in June, but tokobushi are even more tender than regular abalone and taste just as good.

Enjoy larger tokobushi as sashimi or sushi, while smaller tokobushi are featured in boiled dishes.

Tsumebai (Tiger Conch)

(June to August)

These conchs are only caught during the summer. They smell strongly of the ocean, and when boiled in salt, they make a perfect snack food to be enjoyed with your sake.

Large-Eye Bream

(July to August)

This white-flesh fish which is related to the emperor bream is in season during the summer. It has a very springy, chewy texture. Catches are extremely limited, and it is one of the most premium white-flesh fishes available.

“Modorigatsuo” Skipjack Tuna

(September to November)

At the end of spring, skipjack tuna ride the Kuroshio current north to the northern seas, where they eat their fill and fatten up before returning to the south once again in the fall. These meaty skipjack tuna fish are called “modorigatsuo.” They are loaded not only with fat, but with flavor as well.

This is only a selection of the locally caught seasonal fish we offer at Fukuju.

Hot pot dishes only available during winter. Please make reservations in advance. “Tecchiri” boiled fugu and “yosenabe” hot pot dishes also available upon request.


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